I am a 20-year-old college student who is struggling to carve his part on this earth. As a child, I had a speaking problem, which made me shy to speak in front of people, including family. As I grew older, I became an introvert, which leads to an interest in photography. Although I never thought of turning my photography into a career, I do it as an art. The photos I take, spend hours editing, and eventually hang my artwork in my house and my model's home.


I have lived my whole life in Arizona and plan to move when I finish college — not sure where my adventure will take me. With the connections that my mother has from American Airlines, I have lucky to see many countries that people wish they could visit. Since my parents and I could travel for cheap, we go everywhere. We would make weekend trips to New York or travel to Greece for five days. My friends say that my life is stressful and busy, that they could not live in my shoes, when in reality if I am bored and haven't been to a place I'll book myself a flight and go for a day.


On my thirteenth birthday, I was gifted my first Canon camera by my grandmother; this was the start of my photography journey. My beginning work was not great, my photos would be off-centered, or I cut off a models' limb, or angel is wrong from the subject. Over time, photography classes and YouTube videos are what help improved my photography. Photography has always been a hobby for me but recently I have been on a editor for fellow photographers. I started taking photography classes in my sophomore year of highschool and took a few classes at Mesa Communiity College.